Lansen is a pharmaceutical group principally engaged in the production and sale of prescription pharmaceuticals for the treatment of autoimmune rheumatic diseases in the PRC. IMS Health estimates the PRC healthcare sector will be the second largest in the world in 2016, and the largest by 2050.

The growth is being fuelled by the continuing government reforms to expand the national healthcare coverage system, and an increase in disease prevalence as a result of aging populations and effects linked to modern life.

Lansen is the market leader in China’s disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (“DMARDs”) market capturing a share of more than 25% of the market. Rheumatoid arthritis (“RA”) is a chronic disease with the 4th highest prevalence rate after hypertension, gastroenteritis, and diabetes which indicates the strong and growing demand for RA treatment.

Lansen owns and operates modern manufacturing facilities occupying approximately 71,000 square meters of land with total gross floor area of approximately 36,000 square meters located in Ningbo, PRC. These facilities are GMP certified by the State Food and Drug Administration and adhere to stringent and closely monitored quality assurance and safety control process.

Lansen has expanded its specialty drug portfolio for the treatment of autoimmune disorders in rheumatologic indications to include dermatologic indications. Lansen acquired Sicorten Plus, a corticosteroid cream marketed and sold in China for dermatologic indications, from Novartis; and obtained the exclusive distribution rights for Kefumei, a collagen dressing product used in medical skincare, from Shaanxi Biogene Technology Co., Ltd.

Lansen successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2010, raising a total of HKD611 million (USD78 million).

Lansen continues to hold a market leading position in the rheumatology therapeutic area and is a major earnings contributor for the Group.


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